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Get feedback on grammar, clarity, concision and logic instantly. As we know overweight and obesity are drastically increasing problems worldwide and have consequently reached epidemic status, thus proving to be one of the most important problems of public health.

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This is highlighted through the prevalence rates of the conditions among both adults and children, which is considerably more frequent in developed countries Kyriazis et al, Better Essays words 2. Obesity itself is now reaching epidemic proportions in both developed and developing countries.

Over the last 20 years, it has become the most prevalent nutritional problem in the world, being a key risk factor for many chronic diseases, causing serious consequences and costs for both individuals and the society Better Essays words 4. Many cafeterias serve healthy foods and non-healthy foods. The only problem is that most students end up taking them and end up wasting them by throwing them away.

Considering I am a college student, I understand the challenge of eating unhealthy when I am trying to eat healthier Better Essays words 5. The leading cause of death in the United States, for men and women, is heart disease. It is the buildup of excess fat causing you to become severely overweight increasing the risk to your health.

More than one out of every three U. S adults are obese and one out of every six children. Determining how tall and heavy one is it correlates with the amount of fat on ones body. For an adult there are four classifications from normal weight, to overweight, to obese, to extremely obese Better Essays words 7 pages. What obesity actually is, is the state of being overweight due to lack of physical activity and fitness.

Further on through this essay, there will be a discussion of the number of key issues which revolve around obesity in relation to the three main theoretical perspectives, these are; sociology, psychology and physiology.

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Furthermore with these three different theoretical perspectives, a display of research methods will be used in order to create further investigation and supporting evidence will be shown for each of the perspectives The prevalence of overweight and obese children and adult has been on the study rise in America for the last decade to a point where America is considered among the fastest nation in the world Klein The growing number of people with obesity has remained a major concern for the United State government as the prevalence has seen the unproductivity levels in the nation increase Better Essays words 3.

The weight which women gain during their pregnancy can be very hard to shed and this is often one of the top causes of obesity. If you are not getting an adequate amount of sleep, it can have an impact on the hormones which might trigger hunger signals. Overall, these linked events tend to make you obese. There are several hormonal changes which are known to be direct causes of obesity. The imbalance of the thyroid stimulating hormone, for instance, is one of the key factors when it comes to obesity. As strange as it may sound, the treatment for obesity is really simple.

All you need to do is follow the right diet and back it with an adequate amount of exercise. If you can succeed in doing so, it will give you the perfect head-start into your journey of getting in shape and bidding goodbye to obesity. There are a lot of different kinds and styles of diet plans for obesity which are available. You can choose the one which you deem fit.

We recommend not opting for crash dieting as it is known to have several repercussions and can make your body terribly weak. The key here is to stick to a balanced diet which can help you retain the essential nutrients, minerals, and, vitamins and shed the unwanted fat and carbs. Just like the diet, there are several workout plans for obesity which are available. It is upon you to find out which of the workout plan seems to be apt for you. Choose cardio exercises and dance routines like Zumba to shed the unwanted body weight. Yoga is yet another method to get rid of obesity.

So, follow a blend of these and you will be able to deal with the trouble of obesity in no time. We believe that following these tips will help you get rid of obesity and stay in shape. Obesity and overweight is a top health concern in the world due to the impact it has on the lives of individuals. The BMI is calculated using body weight and height and it is different for all individuals. Obesity has been determined as a risk factor for many diseases. It results from dietary habits, genetics, and lifestyle habits including physical inactivity.


Obesity can be prevented so that individuals do not end up having serious complications and health problems. Chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart diseases and relate to obesity in terms of causes and complications. Obesity is not only as a result of lifestyle habits as most people put it.

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There are other important factors that influence obesity. Genetics is one of those factors. A person could be born with genes that predispose them to obesity and they will also have difficulty in losing weight because it is an inborn factor. The environment also influences obesity because the diet is similar in certain environs.

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In certain environments, like school, the food available is fast foods and the chances of getting healthy foods is very low, leading to obesity. Also, physical inactivity is an environmental factor for obesity because some places have no fields or tracks where people can jog or maybe the place is very unsafe and people rarely go out to exercise. Mental health affects the eating habits of individuals.

There is a habit of stress eating when a person is depressed and it could result in overweight or obesity if the person remains unhealthy for long period of time. The overall health of individuals also matter. If a person is unwell and is prescribed with steroids, they may end up being obese. Steroidal medications enable weight gain as a side effect. Obesity is a health concern because its complications are severe. Significant social and health problems are experienced by obese people. Socially, they will be bullied and their self-esteem will be low as they will perceive themselves as unworthy.

Chronic illnesses like diabetes results from obesity.

Diabetes type 2 has been directly linked to obesity. This condition involves the increased blood sugars in the body and body cells are not responding to insulin as they should. The insulin in the body could also be inadequate due to decreased production. High blood sugar concentrations result in symptoms like frequent hunger, thirst and urination. The symptoms of complicated stages of diabetes type 2 include loss of vision, renal failure and heart failure and eventually death.

Obesity In Children And Teens

The importance of having a normal BMI is the ability of the body to control blood sugars. Another complication is the heightened blood pressures. Obesity has been defined as excessive body fat. The body fat accumulates in blood vessels making them narrow. Narrow blood vessels cause the blood pressures to rise. Increased blood pressure causes the heart to start failing in its physiological functions. Heart failure is the end result in this condition of increased blood pressures.

There is a significant increase in cholesterol in blood of people who are obese. High blood cholesterol levels causes the deposition of fats in various parts of the body and organs.