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His efforts at synthesis are tantalizingly and cryptically suggestive. This is a book we should all read and ponder.

Essays on the Anthropology of Reason

Table of Contents. Metalogue: Why a Swan?

Metalogue: What Is an Instinct? Chicago Blog : Anthropology. Events in Anthropology. It is, of course, part of his argument that they include all of us. Paul Rabinow's collection both illuminates and extends a major research career that has never waned in the power of its intellect, curiosity, and depth of achievement.

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Marcus, Rice University. Essays on the Anthropology of Reason could have a similar effect, one that could contribute to a movement away from an excessive preoccupation with textual reflexivity. The supervision essay is the medium in which, in answer to a question from a supervisor, you develop your views about what you have read and heard.

Of course, the object, as in every piece of written work, is to say what you want to say as clearly and persuasively as you can.

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But there is no one way of doing so. Different people write in different ways on similar subjects, and different subjects may prompt you to write in different ways.

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For detailed advice, see here:. Each Part of the HSPS Tripos is fully examined at the end of the academic year and no marks are carried forward from year to year.

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Please note all students should contact their Director of Studies at their college to register for examinations. The Department often receives queries about the correct use of ethnographic materials in supervision essays and exam answers. This in no way implies that a negative view would be taken of the creative use of a single ethnography, to make different arguments, in more than one paper.

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