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Rhetorical Analysis of Kindred by Octavia Butler Example | Homework Lab

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Book Discussion "Kindred" by Octavia Butler

New password was sent. These people were my relatives, my ancestor. And this place could be my refuge.

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Even though Dana was confused by her odd time travels and coming to an unfamiliar place, seeing one of her ancestors was an assuring moment because she realized that she was at home with her relatives. Being with her ancestors gave Dana a comfortable feeling of being at home and felt safe being near her family. Traveling back and forth gave Dana time to spend with her ancestors which gave her the opportunity to truly know more about her heritage and who she is as a person.

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Third, there is a purpose to learn about the past because it helps one to learn about culture. Jumping over the broom is an old tradition used in the African American culture. This was something that Dana read about once and remembered when she witnessed it being done by her ancestors.

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Reading about this piece of information gives Dana a better understanding about the customs used in her culture. The biggest issue, though, is that Sarah seems to have accepted her life as a slave and does not resist in the way Dana thinks she and Alice do. She sees Sarah as a "Mammy" figure, and feels morally superior to her. As time goes on, though, she comes to see that this is unfair. Sarah is doing all she can; this is her form of resistance.

The Novel "Kindred" By Octavia Butler

Slavery is so abominable and incomprehensible that resistance can take all forms, and Sarah is no exception in this regard. What is the significance of Alice and Dana being considered two halves of the same woman? Dana and Alice look the same because they are related, but their similarities are important in other ways as well. Both are smart, independent, wily, and desirous of developing their sense of self. They seem to think the same and have the same fiery spirit. Dana, living in the 20th century, has the ability to manifest these traits much more easily. She says what she thinks, is self-employed, and is in a mostly egalitarian marriage.

Alice on the other hand is privy to the whims of her white master, although she chafes at this control.

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  6. It is very likely that if Dana were actually a slave she would be just like Alice, and if Alice lived in the 20th century, she would be just like Dana. Finally, both women exert a pull over Rufus, and both escape him in their own way—Alice by suicide, and Dana by killing him.

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