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Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. In the past, the chances of going to college or university are difficult. This is due to the financial problem and also the amount of college and university that built up in that time. But in this new millennium, all people are having an opportunity. Who should go to college?

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We live in a world where some people are forced to go to college or some people are told college is not for them. Should college only be for those with higher intelligence, should people put college to the side and only focus on work, or is it set in store for some to follow in the footsteps of their parents who did not attend college?

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There are some that protest against some going to college, on the other hand, there are some that indicate that. Well, because in the United States obtaining a high school diploma is one step further to reaching the American Dream. The education system in America starting from elementary school to high school, inculcated in the minds of our future generation the importance of college that without college an individual cannot be successful.

However, society changes and this ideology is still present. But was has changed is the accessibility to go to college, more and more it is difficult. She argues that there are students who are often unprepared for the challenges and responsibilities of attending college, but attend simply for the reason.

Great Opportunities from High School to College Many individuals believe that attending college directly after high school is a life changing experience This stance can hold true for many reasons regarding the positive aspects for the completion of a college degree. Students should attend college directly after high school because they are more experienced and have great opportunities and benefits rather than waiting to go later on in life.

College is a step one takes to further their education in the pursuit of having a career. But is that the only reason why someone would really choose to go to college? Choosing to become part of a huge or small community that holds a lot responsibilities is big decision one must think thoroughly about. It can become difficult for many people to receive a job without a high school and especially a college education.

Most jobs in America, from sales manager to registered nurse and even a construction worker in some cases, require an education past high school.

Why i decided to go to college?

With the cost of college, at average ten thousand dollars at state schools, not accounting for living quarters or even meals, it is leaving many students. A majority of people these days are planning or are going to college. These people have many reasons for going to college. The option of going to college is a major decision and there are many factors that are considered in making this decision. One of the many reasons of making the decision to go to college is to receive a bigger salary. Here, the applicant shows the impact of her tutoring, rather than simply stating that she tutored.

In doing so, she demonstrates the impact on both her and the students she tutored. Like any good story, your essay should have a narrative arc. Instead of a list of achievements, it should portray an experience that shaped you.

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Spend some time brainstorming to hone your topic and ensure that it is one that will both capture your audience and showcase your accomplishments. Your essay is a concise glimpse into you as a person. While other areas of your application detail your accomplishments, grades, and extracurricular achievements, this is a place to showcase your qualities as a person.

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Why i decided to go to college?

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